Waveform layer in note editing area

A waveform will allow the user to locate areas that need adjustment at a glance without having to listen to the audio over and over, like syllabe loudness/dinamics and syllabe coda/onset.

In the image, you clearly see the coda duration on the second note, and maybe I need a dinamic fade on the last one.


:ok_hand::ok_hand: great idea, I say too :grinning::grinning::grin:


This would be great since dynamics is one of the parameters i struggle with the most. I can never really tell if something is too loud or not loud enough.


I work with Flux:: Visualizer plugin in my studio, but for the moment, Synth V is not compatible with Mac Os, I really can’t wait for work with my tools in my studio. For now, I try it on my personal computer at home :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I would really appreciate this for better control when tuning dynamics and volume TBH

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I got corrected for asking to be able to split notes - watch out.