What can be done to support SynthV?

As far as I am aware, Synthesizer V is a rather niche program with a small user base.
Aside from purchasing banks and licenses, what can we (the users) do to help support the development of this software?

Buy another license and give it to your dear little partner (jokingly :joy:)
Of course, more music works and publicity to the outside world.
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再买一份授权,送给亲爱的小伙伴(不是 :rofl:

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I don’t think Dreamtonics has merch of their own. Unless you’re in a position to partner with them in creating a new voice bank, the best thing you can do is get other people interested in the program.

As far as the 3rd parties go, Quadimension has a lot of stuff like cds, figurines, shirts, posters, etc.

There’s a studio currently crowdfunding a new voice, “Koharu Rokka”. You could donate to them directly.