Will my Eleanore Forte just work with my Synth V Pro Audio when I get it?

Title says it all. :slight_smile:

I’m beginning to think no huh guys.

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I’m pretty sure it will. Not 100% sure though.

How do you know at 99.9% or less? We need to know. Are you just guessing?

I watched the big press conference, and vaguely remember asking the same question (or similar). I don’t remember, exactly.

The real question: how will old voice banks work with the new editor? I know some of the new features won’t work, but I wonder if at least some of them (like some of the auto-pitch, etc) will?

I’m just waiting for a good set of English instructions, really!


Why would I want the lite version?
I managed to get Synth V Studio Pro at least ordered.

Man y’all have weird websites.

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Dude, you’re being really abrasive and irritating on these forums. Tone it down and be less entitled.

SynthV has a history of very well-supported English language support (Store, instructions, and in-app). The Studio and voicebanks aren’t even officially released everywhere yet. I don’t recall being promised anything in English until at least July 31.

They’re coming, chill out.


Fine y’all on your own then.