Will the "Yamine Renri" voicebank be useable in version 2 of Synth V?

As far as I am aware, Yamine Renri is not part of the ver. 2 lineup.
Will the voicebank still be supported when ver. 2 releases on July 31st?
Just wondering if anyone could help clarify.
Much appreciated!

I’d like to ask both parts of this question:

  1. Will the voicebank be compatible in the first place
  2. Will our existing “free” license transfer to the new Editor?
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The guys over at Dreamtonics said they have not yet decided whether version 2 will be released, and version 1 will continue to be available. If they decide to release Version 2, they will give a new license for activation.
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Dreamtonics 那边表示还没有决定是否会推出第2版,而第1版依然会继续提供。如果他们决定发布第2版的话,会再给一个新的许可用于激活。

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They’re just dudes.

Better would be to say: The guys over at Dreamtonics. :wink:

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