【Yamine Renri】魔性審理【Original】

Lyrics by りくりくり → https://piapro.jp/rikurikuri
Music and video by me

One of these days I might get around to making an English translation of the lyrics. But don’t count on it.


The above video was uploaded last night, and at that time I wasn’t feeling particularly verbose. I shall now take a moment to rectify that provide some (minimal) background information.

What you hear above is the result of two things. First, I’m a fan of the classical/romantic era. Second, I recently learned that neoclassical metal was a thing. However, when I went to listen to neoclassical metal, I found either covers of famous works, or power metal-esque songs with baroque-sounding solo sections (with many being stylistically reminiscent of Vivaldi). This was contrary to my expectations, which expected new compositions that more closely adhered to common practice techniques.

To make a dull story short, I tried my hand at making something that was more in line with my expectations. The above result should be considered experimental, but I think it is interesting enough to warrant further exploration. Of course, this sort of stuff will never become popular, but it’s a fun way to kill time.

Ooo, I never expected to hear Renri in this type of song, but she fits very well! The intro sounds a bit messy, and I think it would be a bit more satisfying if you added something to the beginning of the refrain (around 0:42? Unless I’m misunderstanding the song and that’s not the refrain at all haha). Other than that? This is good stuff! The part at 0:52 is really catchy, the verses are great and I like how it gets both emotional and creepy!