【Yamine Renri】異影の風【Original】

I’m a bit tardy posting this, but here is my latest SynthV effort:

This time it’s pop punk meets 18th/19th century voice-leading. Pop punk usually uses not much more than power chords, which are open fifth intervals rather than true chords. Unfortunately, because of my obsession with common practice voice-leading, power chords are not an option for me. The reason for this is that consecutive fifths are verboten in common practice, which makes consecutive power chords a no-no. Despite my self-imposed limitations, I did manage to achieve a pop punk-ish sound while still retaining the compositional practices that I prefer.

Lyrics were once again provided by りくりくり, and I think he did a pretty good job—he definitely has a style all his own.

One thing I learned about SynthV is that turning off “show pitch curves” completely eliminates the awful slowdown that occurs because of my extensive tempo map data. (This fix may have already been discussed on this forum, but I’m only a drive-by poster. Sorry.) Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent SynthV from rounding BPMs to nearest whole numbers and deleted tempo changes at the sixteenth note level. I wish it wouldn’t do that because my tempo phrasing gets brutalized.

Although I realize that development is now focused on SynthV version two, I wonder if for Build 019 it might be possible to add in BPM decimal places and to allow BPM changes at the sixteenth level? Even if this is only available when “show pitch curves” are turned off…?

Another issue I ran into was that 闇音レンリ has at least two constant bands of frequency in the upper ranges, with the most obvious hovering around the 10 kHz range. (Clearly visible in a spectrogram.) This only becomes a problem with higher notes, specifically when vocal overtones overlap with this constant 10 kHz band of noise, creating a shrill nastiness. To fix this, I surgically filtered out some of the offending areas with a wave editor, and then artificially “restored” the upper overtones with an exciter plugin. This took a bit of fiddling, but it worked.

I’m not sure if these constant bands of noise are caused by the voice database or by SynthV, but hopefully this won’t be a problem in version two.

Yes, I do realize that 闇音レンリ is labelled as “not ready for production,” but that doesn’t alter the fact that this noise exists and can be problematic in higher notes. Of course, this too may have already been discussed to death on this forum, but I’m afraid I’m not a regular. Limited free time means I’d prefer putting effort into music rather than getting involved in internet arguments.

Anyway… Until next time!

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