【Yamine Renri】There is a reason【 SynthV Cover】

This is a really close song to me so I decided to cover it. I did it in both UTAU and Synth-V and boy the Synth-V one sounds so much better (probably because of my bad UTAU skills…hehe).
Anyway here is the video, I hope you like it:

Other than the pitch edits being a bit much, this is quite nice.

There is one thing I’d like to give you some advise on though with the tuning if you don’t mind. If you want to have those kinds of pitch quirks singers often use when leading into a note then its much easier to use the “Depth-L/R” in note properties instead of drawing them. The placement of the small pitch jumps are more accurate and sound more natural when done via the Depth value.

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Thanks, man that’s really useful. This is going to make things a lot easier from now on.