Computer crashes when launching installer

Yesterday I tried 3 times to install SynthV and each time it caused my computer to simply crash. I tried running as administrator once. Today I redownloaded the installer and got the same result.
My computer becomes completely unresponsive and the monitor loses signal. The system sounds as if it is on and awake but I can’t do anything but hold down the power button until it turns off. My computer does this at other times as well, but usually it behaves after the first crash.
My computer is Windows 10, updated from Windows 7. I expect the problem is with my computer, not the program. The technical release caused no problems.
I’d appreciate any help. I absolutely adore SynthV and I can’t wait to try the full program.

EDIT: The new build has solved this problem for me. I’m sorry I keep editing this

keep only install program running . also please upload the picture of error

The problem has been solved for me. I’m not going to replicate the error, so just picture a photo of a lifeless screen.
I got the problem with installing Eleanor too, and what fixed it was running the compatibility troubleshooter.