【Eleanor Forte】 One Wall Away 【SynthV Original】

New song!!! I got commissioned to write the music for this by kissxsleep on twitter as a theme for their DnD character, Ruka!

Speaking of which, my commissions are open! I’ll write instrumentals for $7.50/minute, though I suppose on these forums that’s probably a bit redundant to advertise! I know most of us here are into music production in some capacity or else we wouldn’t… Be here, I suppose!

But I’m looking for all the help I can get at the moment- My fiancé and I just adopted a cat, but unfortunately, the shelter didn’t due their due diligence and we’ve discovered, less than a week later, that poor Tiffy has a broken hip, and we’ve been smacked with HUGE vet bills- So if anyone here could help share around that I’m taking commissions to help pay the vet and surgery bills that would be an immense help!

I can be contacted either at [email protected], or @spatialsphere on twitter and tumblr.