Emergency Recovery


SynthV just crashed on me when I had made a lot of chnages to a project file, and I had forgot to turn autosave back on. This meant that I lost over an hour’s work in the program. Is there a way to implement an emergency recovery feature as there is in UTAU?

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Just wondering, did it crash on you while linked to a DAW, or just running stand alone?


Standalone. I don’t touch it in DAWs.

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Thanks. I have had it crash while linked to DAW control. That said, I haven’t used it stand alone much since it came out with DAW link. Trying to help Kanru a little bit as the tech preview never crashed and he’s probably gonna have to address this at some point.

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I guess it’s unnecessary since autosave has already implemented this feature?
As the old saying goes, losses make us more cautious. :smiley: Remember to check the settings before work.

On the other hand, what if someone is obsessive about a clean project: “I have a good habit to save my project after every action. So I turn off the auto-save and don’t want any extra files…” :joy:

Any clue on what lead to the crash? Like what you were trying to do before it crashed.

I believe it was zooming or something, it didn’t like it and seized up. Not sure if I can replicate it.