【English Cover】 Unknown Mother Goose 【Synthesizer V】

I’ve been wanting to cover this for a while ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niymXHlrw6w&feature=youtu.be It’s the first english cover of this song!


I love this song so much…Even tho I like the Japanese version more, you did a great job with Eleanor!


Also, a thing that i forgot…The volume of the vocal could be a bit higher (But maybe that’s just me being obsessed with the volumes all the time…)

I agree, a little bit more volume on the vocals and could maybe look at cutting some of the frequencies in the instrumental that clash with the vocal a bit to bring out the vocals more and I would de-ess the vocals a bit. Love the cover though! :heart_eyes:

This is actually something I struggle with on all my covers, I attempted making all the vocals louder and it became distorted so I decided to leave it how it is ):

This happens in all my covers, they always come out quieter than the usual song and if i try to make it louder it sounds distorted, any tips on how to fix that?

Well, i don’t remember having this problem if i don’t turn up the vocals volume too high. But something that could help is playing with the eq. And if you are using fl studio for mixing, try playing around with the effects that you can apply. Also check the quality settings when you export the vocals from synthv, that can be a problem too.