EQ-ing Eleanor Forte

It is my opinion that we should be scooping Eleanor’s midrange out and boost her top end 3-5k (a-lot). Also hi-passing her around 100hz corner freq . You’ll have to turn her up after doing this as all her power, wrongly or rightly, is in the mids and low mids.

Language aside, I can’t understand y’alls lyrics because of the lack of top (where intelligibility lives) and too much honky midrange that she sports out of the box.

In my experience, all virtual singers require a lot of dynamic eq. Simple eq is not enough to make them sound smooth and natural.

Let’s hear some.

Here’s mine with the aforementioned static EQ hatchet chop n’ boost.

I personally vouch for a much more aggressive highpassing and it usually ends up being anywhere between 250-300Hz. As for dynamic EQ or de-essing, that all depends on the style of music you do but for my styles I often use additional parallel compression to make sure that those consonants get heard. Rather than 3K and 5K I’ve often been taught to boost 4K due to that being where guitars should often be cut.

This is vocals, not guitar. Guitars cover the 100-200Hz area, not so much vocals.

Don’t overdo the treble range on the vocals as you need that for the air boost on the guitars. I even go as far as lowpass around 10K-12K to leave that room for the guitars. For lead guitars I tend to go even more aggressive, lowpassing at 4-9K.