"export to .ust" strange glitches

So I exported a ust, but when I opened it up in UTAU, the lyrics are gone. this happens every time, yes I have all the proper language/display settings installed (my computer is in Japanese lol)

it’s not mojibake though, all the notes are replaced with either the kanji 繧 or 縺.

even weirder, I investigated the ust in notepad.exe, and everything seems fine. the lyrics are correctly in the file. note that phonetic/romaji notes work fine.

.ust & .s5p example

It is mojibake.

  • Synthesizer V exports files in UTF-8 encoding.
  • Notepad works with both UTF-8 and the system default code page.
  • UTAU only supports SHIFT-JIS encoding.

Ah, thank you. I’ll save the file in notepad with the right encoding for now.

I’m assuming this is a bug? It doesn’t make sense to export a ust if UTAU can’t read it. will this be fixed? :slight_smile:

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Shift-JIS is a legacy encoding that keeps creating compatibility issues nowadays (and the mainstream has long been unicode). We don’t plan to add Shift-JIS support for file export.

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Since UTAU is to be updated shortly to support unicode, it shouldn’t hopefully be an issue for too much longer. Sadly the issue with a software going without updates for five years… :sob: