GENBU and Renri Installation Warning

Hi, here in 01 May 2020, im trying to install GENBU and Renri, but when I double clic the files, a warning window pop-up telling this:
Windows protected your pc
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unknown application from starting. If you run this application, you could put your PC at risk.

Aplication: genbu-setup.exe
Editor: Unknown

I wonder if anyone else get this message too or if in fact, it harm your pc?,
When installing Eleonor it doesn’t happend.

I’m usuing windows 10, synth v trial version.

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I had this problem when installing too, I fixed it by going into my laptop settings and into security. I’m a mac user though. If a similar feature exists for windows i’d try that.

Windows Defender is the free antivirus installed on Windows. I have the same trouble with my antivirus blocking things like Voiceroid installation, I think it’s confused because the install isn’t signed or because it’s foreign or something. It’s being overly cautious, Synth V voice banks won’t harm your computer. I don’t use Windows Defender, but I think that you either have to click something on the popup to allow it (such as clicking some sort of “install anyway” button or clicking “Advanced” or something like that).