Glottal Presets

I’m waiting Mac Osx version for start my projects, but I try to learn the wnderfull Software on my personnal windows computer :smiley:

Agressive Transient.json (452 Octets)
Louis Amstrong Growl Effect.json (970 Octets)

Aggressive Transient : For more power on your transients words Consonants, place on consonants letters.
Louis Amstrong Growl : For rumble your voice with emotion.
Speach : For… talking :slight_smile: . I’m try to do “HEY” “HA” etcetc… for speech or scream :slight_smile:

Thank Kanru for your works :slight_smile:


Wow I didn’t know about all these!

Thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome :yum:

THank you for sharing ^^ The benefits of a community. Thank you, Also this could help learning the global effects.

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You’re welcome :wink:

I’m learning too but I love to share my little tips :smiley:

For the Music Power :smiley:

ps : my English is very bad, I’m sorry, but I try to talk to you :slight_smile:

and other presets :slight_smile:

1- Chat dans la Gorge : French expression for a “Mucus” effect in the throat, for high pitch or just dirty effect.
*Play with “Shape : Randomness” for Add/Reduce dirty.

2- Natural Chorus : Add a chorus on your Chorus voice, add Lib or what you want.
*Play with the “Offset : Offset parameter” to tune your pitch.
*Add dirty with “shape : randomness”.

3- Brian Johnson ACDC : For Rock :metal::metal::metal:
*Play with “Offset - Randomness” for add throat effect, and "Shape - Randomness AND “Gain - Randomness” for noise.

4- Death Metal : Just for Screaming Louder :metal::metal::metal:
*We don’t care musical notes, just do brutal noise !! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Chat dans la Gorge.json (987 Octets)

Naturel Chorus.json (993 Octets)

Brian Johnson ACDC.json (982 Octets)

Death Metal.json (462 Octets)


Thank you so much for sharing these! I’ve tried messing around with the glottal effects but I’m not really good at it :sweat_smile:

You’re welcome :joy::joy:
Try presets and say me your opinions :slight_smile:

The “Chat dans la gorge” goes hand in hand with the “Death metal” one. I need to get the hang with “Brian Johnson ACDC” one, and “Natural chorus”, further experimentation will be needed with those two. :smiley:

Rock’n’Roll :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

Share your project for listen this :grin::grin: