Help: Device Mismatch - Deactivation Failure (Solved)

When I tried to deactivate anything (Synth V Editor and all its Voicebanks) I get this message:

Deactivation Failure
Error: could not locate records for the product key.

In the License Manager Under Status for the Synthesizer V Editor, it says device mismatch.
How do I fix this?

Sometimes it happens after the system update, just try click Deactivate and then re-register again.
If it’s a serial number issue, you may need to contact the software vendor or send a message to Dreamtonics.
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I tried deactivating but it didn’t work; however I did manage to fix it myself. What I did was I uninstalled Synthesizer V and deleted all the program files, then reinstalled everything. That allowed me to re-enter my serial numbers; everything works now.

Thanks for the reply, though.