Horizontal mouse wheel scrolling supoort/鼠标滚轮横向滚动的支持

I’m using a mouse with 4-way scroll wheel. It supports scrolling left/right. Similar to this:

As far as I know, Vocaloid Editor 3/4 support this feature, and I can easily scroll the piano-roll area left/right just by tilting my mouse wheel. But I’m not sure if they also have patents in this…

In Synthesizer V, scrolling left/right also makes the piano roll scrolling up/down…

However, it’s not an important feature. You can just ingore this if resource is limited.:yum:

据我所知,Vocaloid 3/4编辑器是支持这个的。只需要往左右拨动一下滚轮就可以左右移动钢琴窗了,很方便(当然我不太清楚他们公司是否也有这个功能的专利)。

而在Synthesizer V里,我左右滚动滚轮时,钢琴窗仍然会上下滚动……

当然,这个不是必须的功能,如果因为技术/时间/人员等的限制,也可以无视 :yum:

Have you checked the hotkey preferences to see if a keybind already exists for horizontal scrolling? I imagine there are some, but you’d need to assign your scroll wheel to them instead of the default.

also for the trackpad!

Yes, of course I can assign it via the mouse macro in the mouse driver. But I’m also using the horizontal scrolling in Excel, Visual Studio, Notepad++, and many other text editors. So I hope Synthesizer V could have a native support, too. :smile: