Hotmail email not supported?

I originally tried to make an account with my main email (which is on the domain from Microsoft), and no mails ever arrived (I have checked spam). I eventually made my account with my spam email (which is on googles domain), but I do preffer to use my main mail for this.

Changing it later on gives the same issue, I don’t receive the mail to accept the chance. I also have applied for two serial codes for Eleanor because of this (first tried my main mail, but eventually redid it with my spam mail). Is this a known problem? I can understand foreign mails and unknown domains being often marked as spam, but not being received at all seems rather bothersome, especially since Microsoft domains aren’t uncommon.

Yes me too, I used my gmail mail :slight_smile:

I already had this problem only with my outlook email

It appears that our mail server is on Microsoft’s blocklist. They are sometimes overstrict about spamming detection.
I have filed a support ticket and am waiting for their response.


Best blessings with that.

They said “Errors are unlikely”. I am really confused.
Now that we have 3rd party login and I hope this mitigates the Hotmail & Outlook issue.