How do I make Forte's first letter of words louder with more force?

I want her to say Balls not balls and Summer not summer. Globally if possible.
I was all over Kanru about hard t and hard d sounds at the end of words and to my ears they’re better now but wouldn’t ya know it, Now I want to make the first letter or sound pop out for more intelligibility. I know I can manipulate the volume envelopes but for nearly every word, this is a bit much. I think that’s why I hear Forte as less understandable than say, when I sing the song I’m working on. It sounds like Forte has already been paid and is just going though the motions so to speak to get the session over and done with so she can leave. :slight_smile:

Trick: create a glottal effect without loop. Raise the gain on the first frame and reset the gain at, say the 20th frame. From now on you only need to drag and drop effect bars.

Thanks Mr. Hua. I’ll give that a try.

Well, I like the workflow, that is, to be able to drop the effect wherever with just a click. However, all the effects presets sound like clipping and I think I just need a quick little gain bump. Can we have an effect that is just a gain bump by db or percentage or whatever that we could sprinkle around like the growls?


Try this out. (put it under Synthesizer V Editor/presets/glottal/)

Stress.json (1.3 KB)

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I’ll check out whatever that is tomorrow.

Thank you.

Sorry it took so long to respond.

I like that! very nice variable gain bump!
That’s gonna be my go to process. Thank yooooooooou!! :heart_eyes: