How do I use the syllable timing properties?



I can see in the “Edit Note Properties” box that there is a slider for the syllable onset and coda, with something called a “pow2”, and the nucleus, which just has a number that can be dragged up and down. When I tried to play with it, I could hear no difference. What exactly does it do?


Syllable onset and coda changes the duration of consonant length and Nucleus changes the vowel transition timing.
Like “aaaaaaaaaaay” or “ayyyyyyyyy”.


So if I want the onset to be longer, what can I set the value of the setting to?


Set it to a positive value.


Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to figure out what the equivalent to VOCALOID’s consonant velocity was, and it seems like syllable onset is exactly what I was looking for. Adding gaps between notes to stress something only goes so far.