I have several questions

image|507x499 Hello! I joined to have these questions answered. I don’t have Synthesizer V yet and am very inexperienced in vocaloid. I only own two (Avanna and Luka). When I actually make a song I will buy more products. Any tips for song making would be helpful. On to my questions.

1: Can anyone buy Cangqiong, Stardust or Chiyu? I can’t find them on this sight.

2: Do Synthesizer V and Piapro Studio work well together? Are there specific problems I should prepare for? I want to make a song with Avanna and Eleanore Forte singing together.

3: I don’t see price tags anywhere. How much is the Synthesizer?

4: For as many vocaloid users there are, helpful tips are far and few. I’d appreciate anything you guys have got! Thank you, I hope I didn’t break a rule. Looking forward to your replies! Stay safe everyone!

Ps. Not sure why it wants a picture so here is one I drew recently…:woman_shrugging:t5:


1: Cangqiong, Stardust, and Chiyu can be purchased through Anicute, or Quadimension, it depends on were you are buying from.

2: I personally do not use Piapro, although I find synthV Is best used when you change the voicebank settings as opposed to the parameter editing panel.

3: The synthesizer is free for noncommercial use, and Renri, Eleanor, and GENBU are free for non commercial use. If You use any of the purchased banks, you are clear to use them for non commercial. If you want to use anything for commercial use you can buy a commercial license for 80 USD here: https://synthesizerv.com/en/download/

4: Play with the breathiness, Gender, and tension parameters to get better, unique tuning. The track editor is very helpful too.

Thank you for replying so quickly. I am in the US. I have looked up Quadimension but their website says it’s suspended. Should I try the other site? Good to know SV and the voice banks are free for Non-comercial. I don’t plan on selling my music.

Unfortunately Quadimension sells only within Mainland China, and although from what I recall Stardust and the other chinese banks were for sale on the Anicute website at one point, but as of right now the only Chinese voicebank available for purchase by those outside of China is AiKO. I don’t live in China and haven’t purchased the Quadimension banks so sadly I can’t provide much help other then looking to see if anyone has successfully purchased from outside of china.
I know some VPNs allow you to purchase products not available in your country, so perhaps that could be a way…
So Sorry!

You’ve been very helpful, thank you so much! :grin:

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No problem! :slight_smile:

Just so you know, shipping from foreign countries through things like DHL and EMS have been suspended for the next 4ish months due to the virus. You have to buy the Quadimension girls through their Taobao page. For some reason, Cangqiong’s product listing is gone, but if you click Shian’s product image, Cangqiong is listed as one of the options.

I was told the Quadimension shop ships to the US (not sure where you live) and you don’t have to use a forwarding service by someone who owns all of the Quadimension girls, but the boxes only contain installer files, so you have to write in the comment section when you purchase your email address so they can send you the serial number.

If I’m understanding right, each girl has a download version (数码版) or a physical version (says the word DVD in it) you can pick when you click their box art. But I don’t have experience ordering on Taobao, so it’s confusing to me how to use the website.

For Piapro, it’s a VST. For Synth V, you can run it as a VST as well (the set up is kind of weird, I have a tutorial here, if you’re not using FL Studio, just skip to step 3). So having them sing together in a DAW works well.

Lastly, I like your drawing!


Thank you for that info! It was helpful cause I finally saw the individual prices of each vocaloid… except Cangqiong. She didn’t show up as a recommendation for any of the other sisters. Maybe they are fixing/upgrading something about the voice bank? Hopefully the voice bank becomes available again soon! Thanks again!

That must be a recent development, as I ordered one of their albums last month.