Import lyrics from midi file

When I import a midi file all the note and timing data is read correctly but I don’t get any lyrics imported. The .mid file was created using Sibelius and I know the lyrics are in the file as they are read correctly by other software synthesisers.


Midi does not define a standard of synchronizing lyrics with notes and this is why we can only read the melodies filled with default notes.

That’s interesting, yet both Harmony Assistant and Vocaloid can correctly read .mid files and synchronise the lyrics for each instrument. I’m no expert but I looked at the midi spec and it does mention lyrics being defined in the meta events.

FF 05 len text Lyric
A lyric to be sung. Generally, each syllable will be a separate lyric event which begins at the event’s time.

Looking at the .mid file that Sibelius produces it puts the lyrics into these meta events. Happy to send you a sample file if it helps.

Can this be implemented? It would save a lot of time converting scores to SynthV :grinning:

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Yes I know about that ‘FF 95’ control sequence. The thing is, there’s no way to know if the event actually is synced onto the note. Some midi files I found even packed all lyrics into one big meta event.

Could there be a user option ‘Import Synced lyrics’ and leave it to the user to decide? I know my midi files always have them synced to the notes so I would choose yes.

I do have a work around if not, I import the midi into Vocaloid, save the vsqx then import the vsqx into SynthV.

Are you planning on being able to import MusicXML files? I believe that does specify lyrics per note.

Happy New Year by the way! :fireworks:


Can I get some synced midi files for reference?

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Feature request added to Build 014 release plan.


Both MIDI and MusicXML should be able to put lyrics/syllables to notes.