Info on using character images on our releases?

Sorry, I know variations on this question have been asked before. I’m hoping for a condensed list, easily accessible on the Synthesizer V site, or in a FAQ.
Even if the different voicebank companies each have their own rules, it would be nice to have a condensed list available.

  • Are we allowed use the character’s image in our release? For example, on the cover of my album.

  • If so, will it be made clear and obvious which image of that character is ok to use? (ie, of course I can’t grab someone’s fan drawing without permission…so how will we know which art is “official”?)

  • If not, are we allowed to draw our own rendition of the character for use in our release, or does that still count as “using the character’s likeness”?

  • If any use is allowed, can there be a document available to prove that we’re allowed to use it (ie if Soundrop/CDBaby/Distrokid asks for proof that I have permission to use the art on my album).

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