Is it possible to input Japanese lyrics on Linux?

I’ve just installed Synthesizer V on Manjaro Linux and setting 3 voices up.
As I see the video , there are Japanese hiragana inputted.
But though I’ve set Japanese inputting system with fcitx-mozc, I can’t input Japanese to Synthesizer V.

Is it possible to input Japanese lyrics on Linux?
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Hello aki42!

Seeing you as on of the few people who seems to use a Linux version I want to ask you politely: How have you installed the Linux version. My Mint 19.3 (Debian/Ubuntu derivate) refuses to install. No apt, no system owned installer, no synaptic nor debian…

All ask for packages, but Synthesizer V for Linux is provided as an *.7z Archive which is also nit installable. Have I to build the package myself? - You see I am a Linux noob!

looking forward to read from you, yours sincerely
Robert (daCoach)

Got it running! I had only to add .sh at the end of the file name and “tatdaaaa”

This really sucks. I feel there is not enough support or detailed manuals to assist with the users needs. I am struggling with many things in Japanese. I can not seem to make synth v do small Tsus like in “Zutto” or “Isshou ni.”

But to specifically offer some help with your query, while we can not directly type into Synth V (I’m using the english version download of synth v), we can copy and paste into synth v to have some use of the kana. So if you have a text file with the lyrics in it, you can copy and paste, or insert them as lyrics.

I use Yamaine Rin and she pronounces “ずっと” (like ずんと) differently from “zutto” (like ずいと). This is on old school synthesizer v, I have not updated… dunno if its fixed, or better guidance will be issued on the new machine.