Need better international license purchasing support

Hello, I have been using the SynthV trial for a few days now and have decided I would like to purchase a license, however the Anicute web store is entirely in Chinese except for the English/Japanese versions of the product listing page.

Having the product listing page in other languages is a start, but it is not very useful in the end because the checkout interface is still entirely in Chinese.

I understand that it takes money and time to translate these parts of a website - but until it is translated properly, it would be useful if there were an official guide to the checkout procedure somewhere easy to find on the website.

This could be as simple as a PDF or image showing translations of the different fields in the checkout form. I saw there were some instructions within another thread on this board, but they were not clear enough and instructions like these should be easier to find for the average customer.

I love the software, and I just wish it were a little easier to purchase a license without jumping through hoops translating things myself - especially as the official posts on these forums do such a good job having multiple languages.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. English and Japanese versions of the website are close to finish and should be online by next week.
I also uploaded a screenshot of the shopping site to Twitter and did a rough translation there. For the time being you may find this helpful:


Thank you for the prompt reply! I’m impressed at how well the software is supported at the moment. :slight_smile:
Good to know the website will be translated soon - your Twitter post will be useful until then.
Thanks again.

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Thank you, I successfully made the purchase. :slight_smile:

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Have da money, awaiting da localization of web shop.


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