【One Step at a Time】 dzktd / Party-P ft. Eleanor Forte 【Original Song】

A song about reaching out to others.

【One Step at a Time】
:: VOCALS / Eleanor Forte (Synthesizer V)
:: MUSIC, MIX / Party-P @ https://twitter.com/partypoison143
:: LYRICS, VOCAL TUNING, MV / dzktd @ https://twitter.com/dzktd
:: PHOTOGRAPHY / lulutxc @ https://flickr.com/lulutxc

【Author’s Comment】
To the 「you」 who isn’t here anymore:
I wish I could have reached out to you.
I wish you had been able to call my name.

I must have done something wrong…
for you to not do so.

I wanted things to be okay, every time.
Every time, I wanted you to be okay.

I didn’t realize… and at some point,
we had grown distant.

I didn’t notice, and just like that…
you were already 「gone.」

I’m sorry.

I didn’t try hard enough.

I’m sure that, today too, I won’t be able
to forget the yellow skies we saw.

And on the night we gazed at the stars…
you looked like one of them.

I loved you so.


Includes MP3, MV, S5P, MIDI & off-vocal.

Ask for help; always.


Theres something about this that gives me an Angels and Airwaves vibe… It’s just missing some guitars!

I like what you’ve done here to be honest and Eleanor is mixed in quite well too. The tuning is clear enough, but she still sounds a little bored? Maybe experiement with the tension/voicing parameter a bit more in your future works.

Keep it up!

Sounds really nice! Though, I noticed CYBER DIVA II is quite loud as a harmony, so it’s hard to differentiate the voices. I feel like it hurts Eleanor’s vocals a little as one of CYVA’s negative traits is how bored she can sound. Keep it up regardless!

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to post!

I will make sure to lower the tension in my future works to make sure Eleanor sound less like she’s speaking rather than singing.

I meant that
you should experiment with different tension values per note so she sounds a bit more energetic rather than simply lowering the tension parameter globally.

Oh, I did try doing that a bit. Not on every note, though! haha thanks!