Paypal and/or other payment method



Try this!


I just went over to Anicute and got an account setup ok and put a copy of Synth V in the cart then clicked CHECK to go to the checkout page.

The method of payment dropdown contains 4 Asian choices and one English “Overseas CC”

Still no PayPal?


I went to check and it seems you are right, I’ll email them now about it. Sorry it’s disappeared :frowning:


Thank you very much xuu_u.


Well, Paypal is a checkout choice now (again?) but the site never sent me over to where I could login etc as is normal for PayPal transactions. So while I’ve bought it, This isn’t going to happen, is it. :disappointed_relieved:


Have you tried this?


OK, I “Tried” that. We’ll see. I don’t understand why it would be necessary to provide the paypal address as the money will come from paypal user that that paypal address. I provided it, the order #, and anicute account email address too in the paypal send money note. Ultimately, even with “points?” it was $88 and change USD. This feels a bit like another planet. Am I and Kanru (right now) the only users in the western hemisphere. The whole thing is just flat weird. Thanks for your help and as Megadeth sings: “Better work this time!” :slight_smile:


I believe it’s to verify the payment was sent from the right account, etc. as there’s no formal paypal thing like most sites. $88 is decent at the moment for a commercial voice synthesizer, it’s definitely better than the $225 VOCALOID5 costs, with arguably better (free!) DBs available. Hope that the process goes alright, if you have any further issues you can email Animen and they’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible.


I didn’t mean to sound like I thought that was too much. Just letting people who may have their last 80 bucks at the ready to buy it, well because of exchange rates and other things it may be a tad different than 79.00. I buy from China on eBay all the time. The prices are crazy low for circuit stuff and I sometimes get little panda “love” notes with em. I get to check out the “normal” paypal way and everything without any cultural or language barriers at all. I guess I got spoiled. Thanks again for your intervening help. From where I sit, Dreamtonics needs to find a new more internationally neutral store even if they have to hook a Dell with a wordpress page on it hooked to a static ip on a stateside internet. is the most accessible web site in the voice synth community to me, a western yank. That drew me to it from the get go. I actually freaked out when I saw it because het was a voice synth web site that wasn’t all cartoony and had normal things like download buttons and pictures of the software and all. I could go on and on. By the way Kanru, I run a small hosting service in my shop in Colorado if you need a state side store with PayPal scripts and all the goodies.


Well, it was like pulling teeth, but I got my serial code for Synth V and it accepted it on my laptop. Will try on the DAW tonight when I get home.

Thanks again for the help.

Oh and it seems Anicute is a Japanese outfit not Chinese - Sorry.