Purchasing the Synthesizer V

I would like to purchase Synthesizer V (I found the vocal sound very good!). However the only place to purchase seems to be Anicute, and now the only product to purchase is the Aiko. Does this “Aiko” include the full Synthesizer V?

The Anicute site is not completely translated in English - so I am afraid to purchase, because there are some questions in Chinese! Is it OK to purchase from Anicute, or is there any other option?

I also plan to buy Synthesizer V and I think Anicute is the simpliest way for english speakers.
I don’t think Aiko comes with the licence for Synthesizer V (it would be a deal !), on the Aiko page you can see in 1. tat it comes with the evaluation version only.
Here is the link I found for the full version of Synthesizer V : https://anicute.com/product/b72971e2-1163-4105-8eb4-69bd5b6d7304

I would love to hear back from you if you decide to purchase it as I wonder if they send you an installation file that is different from the evaluation or if they just send you a code to “activate” the evaluation version


【Synthesizer V】AiKO (Chinese)
AiKO voice database sales do not include SynthV Editor licenses and need to be purchased separately.
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【Synthesizer V】Editor (Digital ver.)

Thank you for the answers and tips! I managed to purchase Synthesizer V. It seems that the actual downloadable file is identical to demo - but you get the activation code as separate email.

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