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Hi, I love this program! I have been making some songs with it and I want to know what are the terms of use? I am using the free Eleanor Forte voice and I want to post some demos as well as some actual full songs that I would like to release on Distrokid, I have always had problems with vocalists, trying to take control, leaving,etc. because I can do all the music myself but cannot sing, but now this lets me program the singing too, but the terms of use are not very clear, there is the synthV program,and the voice bank, is there a page that specifically lists the terms of use with this program and the voicebank and is this at all related to vocaloid? There seems to have not been any activity for a year or so on the youtube channel.

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Although this EULA is given to AiKo, it also applies to Eleanor Forte, they are all VOLOR voicebank.

You can also send an email to [email protected]

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Ty again for the help, I love this product so much I got a license today from Anicute, I am going to release a demo very soon with my first song, I am not going to use the Elanor character, just the voice because I also change it a lot sometimes to sound gruff or whispery, and the music I play is very Metal and heavy :slight_smile: but somehow this program fits, it also allows me to have complete control over the vocals which I love! I may use them as backing vocals at times and at times in the front but this is a very good program and I am glad I got my license to support the programmer, cheers!

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Hi! I’ve already gone through the whole process so I’ll chime in.

Not only do you have to purchase a permanent licence for Synthesizer V as a whole, because the permanent licence only applies to the Editor and not any of the voices, you still have to get commercial use permits from VOLOR by asking directly. Then they’ll ask several questions so they can get details as to what you’re going to use all the stuff for and how much you’ll be expecting to earn (this is really important as if you start earning a set amount they’ll want a cut of your gross sales/earnings).

Also, your zip file is empty.


Hmm, sorry about the zip file, I am going to post a hyperlink next time. I already got a reply from Animen about the Elanor voice and answered the questions,I deleted my post with the bad zip file, sorry about that I will post a link sometime soon,ty for the reply,the Elanor voice is probably the only one I will use unless they make some more english voices.

All I can say at this point is that the fewer of the stuff you plan to use the more likely you might get the greenlight