Regarding Web Synthesizer V

Long time no see. I’d like to preface this by saying I’ve been extremely excited for SVR2 and was looking forward to testing Web Synthesizer V today.

I appreciate that it is mainly a testing ground for new features, but dear lord is it being poorly recieved. I’ve just tried to use it myself and messed around by first setting the project file up in Desktop Synthesizer V and then loading in Web Synthesizer V. The issues started here - even though the project was for a full song Web Synthesizer V only imported up to bar 33, and any note that passed that was erased. See the file here: gokigen sayonara test.s5p (61.2 KB). I then tried to create the remaining few notes for the portion I wished to hear in the editor but found this slow and tedious compared to Desktop Synthesizer V. I didn’t mind it too much, but it was also annoying to find out that JA-F2 inexplicably can recognize ふぃ but not うぉ after making a typo in lyric input. In addition, it seems that she cannot recognize /k/, /ts/ etc. as solitary consonants, though this is not particularly an issue given it is a Japanese voice database.

Secondly, I have one feature request. I don’t mind if/when the other issues are fixed and I understand that you don’t want to allow projects to be saved, but if there are no plans to release JA-F2 for Desktop Synthesizer V soon then I implore you to consider at least allowing the export of .wav files of her singing. Considering the only other option for feminine Japanese vocals we have is Yamine Renri (who is still in beta after over a year) I would hope this much would be possible.

Many thanks in advance.