So... just figured out how to make Eleanor breathe :)

Yaaaaaaaas!!! I was trying to cover Ai Dee on english and while i was trying to see if there was a soft d ending.

Its far from perfect (its kinda robotic) but heres a pic and the sound file.

Just use a long note with /.hh/ and you can use any vowel (in a short note) you want. For example i used /.aw/ but you can use /.aa/, /.ah/ or even /.ow/ ( i dont reccomend those tho).

Audio is here: Breathing with Eleanor Forte by Dnay Mont | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Pd. I think that if this is covered by the music and listened from speaker it could be more realistic
Pd2. Is there any breathe recordings on the vb (like in vocaloid where you just put “bre”?)


Thanks for sharing, I was recently wondering If something like this could be done.

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Just discovered this recently, but I’d recommend you to not to use long notes and use below values for the note:

  • Loudness 100
  • Tension 0
  • Breathiness 100
  • Voicing 0

Lyric can be random, it doesn’t affect that much
but use different ones in different place.


Hi I think i tried it and it doesn’t really seem to work in all situations in my case. Sometimes it would sound like someone is sipping a straw then actually breathing…

So maybe ill use this breathing tool with caution…
But thanks for sharing anyways!

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Hi, I’ve used these techniques on one of our songs. It works well, but it did need a little bit of editing. The end result can be found on