Spanish translation for Synth V


First: Thank You for create this marvellous Synthesizer, it’s very realistic

Second: I would like help to support that Synth V is available in more languages. I currently have a .txt file that translates the Synth V GUI into Spanish.

Unfortunately the translation was made for the version of the Technical Preview, the truth is not if the code has changed. If it is the same I would like to continue the translation to Spanish (Latin American Spanish) and I would like to donate it to you.

I used Google Translate because my English is not good (I can understand but i can’t writte correctly in English)

Thank you for your attention

Miyi Nari

Here is the spanish translation code for the latest version.


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Note: we don’t have any plan to add official support for more GUI translations because maintaining 5 languages (en-us, ja-jp, zh-cn, zh-tw, ko-kr) and the consistency between them is already incurring a cost and a delay in product delivery. Third-party translations is welcome though, and they will be shared in resource category.


I can’t access the file under the link.

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Sorry, I Fix it.
It should work now