Standalone Synthesizer V works but VST not

Just wanted to test the VST plugin in Cubase 10.5
This is what I get when I load the plugin:


Any idea what is wrong?

Yeah. The developers thought it a good idea to require you to type in that port number in the vst stub as if we’re doing some super secret work here. Connecting Synth V to the vst stub. When I queried about this I was told the design was to be flexible as to be run from even separate computers. - Ok, whatever, Can we just have a static always port. This was greeted with silence. We can only hope the implementation in Synth V 2 will be more mainstream.

Put that port number in the vst stub to match the synth v port advertisement you see there.

Every time btw.

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You have to have standalone Synth V AND the VST running at the same time. You have to use “Settings > Connect to plugin Host…” and then you tell the VST popup the port code. Like bitman said, it’s kind of weird. I have a guide on how to connect it to FL Studio here (just skip to step 3 because step 3 and on are the same for any DAW).

Synthesizer V User Manual - DAW Linking

Thank you very much for your reply. I will give it a try.

Thank you very much for the link!