Synth V version 2 Launch Presentaion - 6-26-2020


Will there be a sync live stream on bilibili?


I over-slept and missed it. It was on at 5:00 am here. :relieved:
Now the video is said to be private and I can’t see it.

What did I miss?
I can’t find any bullet point feature list or anything!

AHS’s version seems to be available.


  • announced the new version of SynthV
  • AHS will start selling Saki (formerly JA-F2) and Kotonoha Akane + Aoi; planning to release Koharu Rikka for SynthV as well
  • Quadimension is updating existing Medium5 banks and planning to release a new male and a female vocal
  • people who bought the original SynthV editor can upgrade for a discounted price
  • Genbu and Eleanor will be updated for the new version (no news about Renri or AiKO)

I want to know what is new in the new SynthV.
Kanru was lamenting on twitter about getting out to bike ride after 4-5 months of straight coding. Surely there must be something for get exited about.

Some things that were mentioned:

  • auto-tuning feature
  • support for alternative pronunciation for phonemes (relevant post)
  • support for plugins written in JavaScript or Lua

I finally found a video that would play.
I missed the part about phonemes control. That will be welcome.
I was hoping for a real-live vst version rather than the stub n’ master (that does work pretty well).

I hope I can get a demo of it soon so I can take ms. forte for a spin to see how she sounds under the new engine before forking over hard earned money earmarked for something else.

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I’m potentially interested in buying SynthesizerV and don’t want to watch the whole video. Did they mention a release date for v2? I don’t want to buy it and then five days later the new version comes out as a paid upgrade. Thanks!

V2 is scheduled to be released ln the 30th of July. @Sylnox

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30th July is AHS’ schedule. Quadimension will release SV2 and their voice products on 10th July.

Pray tell, what is AHS please?

News about english men voices or other english woman voices?