[SynthV Cover] Madeon - La Lune (feat. Eleanor Forte)

Hey there! I messed around with SynthV a while ago, but this is really the first project I have completed. I also made a piano/strings version of the instrumental, and overall I think it came out alright. I hope you like it!


I think you handled her voice to catch those high notes pretty well!

Other than that, love the instrumental and the cover overall!

It sounds pretty good, however it has some moments where some of the words are too loud and it makes my ears feel uhm… a bit uncomfortable. But maybe that’s just me. Other than that it’s nice.

@Hiroi I listened to it thru my laptops speakers, and I would not agree ^^ But hey not here to argue or anything… But there is one voice’s volume issue I would like to adress.
So here it goes
@Atham Sometimes (really rarely) her voice ramped up too fast for my liking, but maybe this is just subjective.
And wow, props for that effect on her vocal (II’m guessing its a lowpass filter) at the end of the song, It was just a really nice surprise. As another user had pointed out the Strings and piano were lovel, it had a somewhat serene feeling coupled with Eleanors vocals I would love to hear more.
Hope my commentary/Review helps in further music making ^^

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! I suppose I could’ve controlled the tension a little better and added a bit more compression to fix the volume. I’ll keep that in mind. Other than that, I’m happy to hear you liked it!