[SynthV Cover] Shelter - Eleanor Forte

So guess who finally figured out that you can use the parameters field to change more than just the pitch…? That you don’t have to create new tracks to change tension and breathiness…?
Either way, I tried making a cover of Shelter with Eleanor! It turned out pretty good, I think? At first I just wanted to see if I could make her “talk”, so originally I just made the talking part at the beginning of the song haha
I don’t know how well the talking part turned out, but I think it could have turned out worse xD


I really love the instrumental remake! Her voice really fits this so well… O3O Talking part could be improved just a little but there aren’t that many complaints to make… What drum samples did you use? :smirk:

Oh I didn’t make the instrumentals! They’re made by Xitizhnn on youtube, so you should check out their video if you want to know more!

Aww… okee… T.T Really love the way you tuned this though! (^ ^)/’

Thank you!! ^^

Everything about this is awesome. Good job. I liked how you made her talk at the beginning.

Thank you! Yeah, the talking part was fun to make, even if it sounds a bit weird hehe

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