【SynthV】Leia【Yamine Renri Cover】

Hey there, I am back with another cover. It was really fun working on this one, even though I had some problems with Renri’s voice not fitting the song, but I think it turned out pretty nice. I hope you like it!


its my first time hearing this song, but i love it ^^ i was surprised that it was rock, really took me back to my roots. The ending high notes really did what they were supposed to. Love this cover. Maybe some day I’ll even find a cover that is better then the actual song (it happened once).
Keep up the amazing work (and so will I).

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Won’t have a chance to listen to this until later, but Yuyoyuppe was who first got me into Vocaloid. I remember I found him after realising he was one of the Babymetal songwriters. Leia is totally one of my favourite songs and Yuyoyuppe’s new album Draw is freaking spectacular.
His DJ Tekina//Something stuff is great too.
Good choice of song to cover.