【SynthV & Vocaloid】Cendrillion【Yamine Renri and Gakupo】

As much as I love Renri and Eleanor, I don’t like Genbu. So I decided to use Vocaloid for the male role instead. It sure was challenging to tune a Vocaloid after working with Synth-V for the past months, so sorry if my tunning on Gakupo is not the best… I hope you like it!


I’m not much of a Genbu fan either. I’m liking the direction the mixing’s been going in recently, another good one :smile:

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I have questions concerning your light speed fast workflow :smile:

Well I worked a full day on this one while talking with a friend…i don’t know what got into me but I didn’t leave the chair until I was done with it. It’s been a while since I last made a cover in one go.

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But wow It just kind of amazes me. (I’m not taling about this track in particular, but rather addressing your whole workflow ^^)
“Cendrillion” - 10 hours ago
“Kokoro” - 1 day ago
“Senbonzakura” - 5 days ago
“Kimagure Mercy” - 7 days ago
and so forth (you get the point)…

Well, this is pretty much all I do in my free time so yeah I guess I finish them kind of fast :slight_smile:

Gakupo and Yamine’s voices really mix well together! Sounds good!!

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