Tempo Changes (topic title must be at least 15 characters)

I would like to request better tempo support.

For my latest SynthV project I had to drastically cut back tempo changes for two reasons. First, SynthV only imported my tempo changes at the eighth-note level—changes at the sixteenth-note level were deleted. Second, SynthV’s screen update became frustratingly slower the further I scrolled the piano roll. (Build 017)

Although setting a single tempo for an entire song is fine for EDM and other genres, other music styles work better with tempo fluctuations. These fluctuations can include ritardando, accelerando, rubato, or even per-beat (or finer) tempo phrasing. These last two create a very detailed tempo map, something which modern notation software supports, whether it be through Sibelius’s Live Tempo feature, Dorico’s tempo automation capabilities, or similar technologies. Importing MIDI tempo maps that were created with these methods into SynthV gives poor or unusable results.

Please add tempo map support. Or better yet, create a full VST that works inside a DAW and allows the DAW to directly control playback tempo.