Add British dictionary to English

It seems native English SynthV voicebanks tend to express American accent, and so are non-English voicebanks in cross-language synthesis. Though, in case that the developers are willing to support British English as well, here are my suggestions.

Though ultimately, fully supporting British English would require adding it as a separate “language”, I think adding only a dictionary for it can act as a temporary solution.

The most notable difference between American English and British English is the pronunciation of vowels. To support British English, I suggest adding two phonemes, namely the vowel o for [o], and the semivowel ex for [ə̯].

That summarizes the phonemes of the English keywords as follows:

Keyword American phonemes
(current SynthV dict)
British phonemes
TRAP tr ae p tr ae p
BATH b ae th b aa th
PALM p aa l m p aa l m
LOT l aa t l ao t
CLOTH k l ao th k l ao th
THOUGHT th ao t th o t
KIT k ih t k ih t
DRESS dr eh s dr eh s
STRUT s tr ah t s tr ah t
FOOT f uh t f uh t
FACE f ey s f ey s
GOAT g ow t g ow t
FLEECE f l iy s f l iy s
GOOSE g uw s g uw s
PRICE p r ay s p r ay s
CHOICE ch oy s ch oy s
MOUTH m aw th m aw th
NURSE n er s n ax s
START s t aa r t s t aa t
NORTH n ao r th n o th
FORCE f ao r s f o s
NEAR n ih r n ih ex
SQUARE s k w eh r s k w eh
CURE k y uh r k y uh ex
COMMA k aa m ah k ao m ax
LETTER l eh dx er l eh t ax
HAPPY hh ae p iy hh ae p iy

Hope this is motivating enough.


For some songs, it may not be important whether the singer sounds American or British. But I have found it quite annoying that some of the words I use don’t sound correct to me because of this American pronunciation.

I always had the same issue with the EastWest libraries, that they were built around American English pronunciation. It would be good if we had a choice of American or British English, or otherwise the dictionaries may allow us to choose which pronunciation we want to use.