New quick tutorial about mistakes to avoid when composing with Solaria and other Synth V voices

Hello all! We have published a new tutorial on Youtube about what NOT to do when composing with Solaria or other Synthesizer V voices. We will deal with the 7 most common mistakes and give examples how to avoid them.
We will also shortly address the advantages of Solaria Lite and Pro, Synthesizer V Studio Basic and Pro.
We hope that it will be useful to some of you!


Thank you for this…
I’m having trouble learning how to fine tune the synth…
Are there any more English language videos?
Thank You and Best Regards

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Welcome Roy, I’m glad it helped! :slight_smile:
I warmly recommend to use the random seed function in manual mode, it is the easiest and best way to get really beautiful and Human sounding vocals out of Synth V. However it is only available in the Studio Pro version.
You will find on Youtube some more English tutorials.
Best regards!

Thanks for your very good tutorials. Just one question, why don’t you use Synth V as a plugin in Logic? (You said something about this somewhere in one of the tutorials but I cannot find it). When you have finished entering all the lyrics you can still renders the files and place on audio track to add effects?

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Hi, thank you very much for your feedback, it is highly encouraging!

There are several reasons for me not to use the plugin in Logic.
The main reason is: while composing the vocals, I need to hear the voice in the same quality as it will sound later in the mix, to judge if it is right. Just like I would use any other instrument with the chosen effects with the chosen effects, as it is a great difference to work with a thin sound or one that has the full power. I talked about that in the tutorial “Solaria made easy”.

Another reason is that I work a lot on each vocal line. Iif I have all lines in a single window, there is a great risk of messing up the work I did before, for example by forgetting to select the line I’m working on when renewing their pitch. When I have to correct details, I prefer to go back to that line separately and edit it separately.

Another reason is clearness and structure, when I have the vocal lines separately in my DAW, I can judge better if the timing is correct and fits the song.
As I like to layer the voice and add backing vocals to give it more power and harmonies, it is much easier to pick out a special line, give it a backing and find immediately the right place where it fits.

It is a matter of organisation and everybody has their own way, for me this just works best and makes my composing quicker and easier :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation. I understand most of what you say but not this:

In what way is the voice quality different in the plugin and the stand alone? I thought that is would sound exactly the same?

I have so far only tested one project and when I do some more projects I will surely find a way that works for me. At least one person has experienced crashes when using Synth V in Logic and that is of course an other reason to use the stand alone.
Like you say, everybody has their way of doing things. With pros and cons!

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I also prefer the standalone synthesizer version. Why? I guess I’ve been used to many of my activities for years. I have the DAW Studio One 5.5 (I haven’t upgraded yet) and even though Studio One has tools for working in midi, I do the creative part of the midi track in another application (Sibelius, MuseScore, RealBand), where I have more options for working with notes and over the years with I am used to working with them. If I want to work with notes in a wav track, then I use Melodyne or RipX DeepAudio. Earlier purchases, today I no longer buy, because I only receive a pension and my existing applications will last me a long time. To edit and improve the quality of vocal tracks, I use the Acoustica application from Acon Digital (it’s great), again outside of Studio One, although Studio One can also use Acoustica functions. Acoustics can work independently with the plugins I have for work in Studio One. Its capabilities are comparable to plugins from iZotope, which I use for most of my work in my DAW. For vocals, I use Nectar (version 3, and I haven’t switched to version 4 yet for financial reasons). Although at an amateur level I can write Czech lyrics, compose melodies and amateur arrange and use Kontakt or Opus for virtual instruments and backing vocals and Syntesizer V Pro for vocals, for the final mix and mastering I use the professional studio of my friend, who has professional experience over 30 years. I have had a professional teacher and AI singers with Synthesizer V Pro for about the last year and a half for my amateur singing. From Asterian, I’m learning to sing what I can’t get out of myself the first time and what I can’t do in detail from my head. This is just my description of how I do it, and I know that it can be done a thousand times differently and, above all, better. That doesn’t bother me, as a 73-year-old pensioner, I don’t make a living from music and do it for the joy of life.


Hi! The sound quality is the same in plugin and standalone, yes.
I render each vocal line separately (as a wav) and drag it immediately into the tracks I prepared for the voice in Logic, so I can hear it while composing with it’s full power and judge if it is enough or needs something more.
Those tracks for the voice are: one with a vocal preset, mostly “Narration vocal”, and one with a little reverb and at low volume.
While using the VST I can hear the voice only as a thin sound.
Good luck with your second project! :slight_smile:

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Hi Dzenek! I am amazed at how many programs you are using (so well!).
I just use Synth V and Logic, the memory of my laptop is much too small for other plugins. But that is enough, I can do anything I have to do with it as everything is included.
I really admire how you make the best out of your programs and combine it with your musical talent. For the hoy of life, yes, just like me :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sound_Matrix!
Sorry but I still don’t understand what you mean. But when I get more familiar with using Synth V in a practical situation I will hopefully understand!
Thanks again!

I, Sound_Matrix, have great admiration for the result of your work and it doesn’t matter how many SW resources you use. I have the deviation of a person who made a living (had a profession) as an IT worker for more than half of his working life. Basically, I don’t use the full range of functions of the music software, but only what I need - nothing more. I started in music at the age of 10 as a self-taught guitar player and started composing my own simple songs. In the nineties I added a PC and started arranging. The lyrics were based on the fact that I could write nursery rhymes and, as an elder, poems. I then used that to write lyrics for bands. What I don’t have in me is that I do the sound with a friend who has a studio and 30 years of experience. I may have a sense of sound in my ears, but I can’t work with it as easily as my friend. I can’t hear well above 10kH, but then again I can hear the bass much better and that’s why I like to sing it - bass tones. I never made a living from music and remained a music lover in the role of an amateur.

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