Emulate Sampler-slice-to-MIDI-note feature in MASCHINE/MPC style workflows by mapping timeline ranges to MIDI notes

Many producers who like to create or perform using MPC style DAWs like MASCHINE will typically “chop” and map different slices of a sampled track to different pads. Each pad is then assigned a MIDI note so by playing a different note ( up to 16 max typically ) a different portion or “slice” from the sampled track gets played.

This allows the producer or performer to play such slices in any order they want - wher a vocal line or drum etc.

The idea here is to emulate the same behaviour. So that once we have set up a MIDI and vocal track in Synthesiser V - we can then optionally assign up to 16 different timeline ranges within this track - to different MIDI notes. This would emulate the common slice-to-MIDI-note features found in all DAWS but especially used in MASCHINE. The difference and benefit here of course is that the vocal parts - notes, expression etc can be changed or edited any time.

The original Synth V vocal track might be a complete melody line - then “chopped up” into sections, each set to a MIDI note, or instead the track might be created to act as seperate “patterns” each triggered via MIDI note.

Such a feature would be great for improvising or experimenting with short melodic vocal ideas - particularly for hip hop or EDM type music.

like here in Ableton - https://youtu.be/LNDJcsAAL6s?si=_ehhOvmfCIID0Y-C

Or here in MASCHINE https://youtu.be/nSolaFmQKRg?si=Mw89M4Jj1LdSSgpH