[Script] Apply MIDI Tempo Map to Project

This is a script that will read a MIDI file and apply any tempo markers to your project. By default it looks for a file named “TempoMap.mid” in the same location as your SVP file, but if it doesn’t find one it will prompt for the file path.

It would be wise to back up your project before trying this script; I’ve only tested it with simple tempo maps where there’s a single track and the tempo changes occur at the start of a quarter. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try it with more complex tempo maps, but don’t be surprised if something breaks.

Download ImportTempoMap.lua from svstudio-scripts · SynthV Studio scripts by Claire under the “Automation” section, or from GitHub directly:


When using this script please keep in mind that MIDI files don’t support gradual tempo changes; that’s not just a SynthV quirk.

Some DAWs will encode a stepwise interpolation of the ramping tempo, but there is no standardized way of doing so and therefore no guarantee of consistency.

So by all means give it a try, but setting up your tempo changes to be instantaneous or stepwise in the first place will likely be more reliable.