Synth V + Mac OS Sonoma

if anyone here using Macs has installed Sonoma, I’d love to hear if Synth V is working with it or not?


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I updated my MacBook Air (early 2015) to Sonoma using OpenCore Patcher. Running Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.9.0 with no issues noticed so far.
Runs Pianoteq v 8 also. Haven’t tried any others yet.

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Hi Brent
and thank you for this info. I’m really close now to upgdating to Sonoma. Just a few more things to make sure and maybe wait for the x.1 update :slight_smile:

Hi YoreP,

Synthesizer V is natively compatible with macOS, even with Apple Silicon. Once the voice bank is installed into Synthesizer V, it will theoretically run without any problem on any platform supported(i.e. Windows, Linux and macOS).

No issues at all, works perfectly :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: so I guess I just wait for x.1 post release of Sonoma.