Make Kevin sing ''hmm''?

Like this:

typing: ‘‘hh m’’ in note properties doesn’t sound like that all :weary:

The video you linked has a short n sound in between the hh and m, as well as a falling pitch.

This was what I came up with (the second parameter shown is Tension):

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Maybe I can record a video later, but when I tried it, Kevin just makes a loud breath sound instead of a soft h

The pitch from the example is unimportant btw :grin:

Separate the phonemes into individual notes so you have better control over timing. Adjust the length of the hh portion, then use the parameters to adjust its harshness.

I gave the hh 3 blocks, and my bpm is just slightly faster. I also adjusted the tension like yours and took breathiness almost all the way down for the hh but it still makes the same weird sound just more quiet. Did you use any other settings than tension?

I didn’t change anything except what was shown in my clip. It was done using the current 1.10.0b2 beta version (for both Pro and the voice databases).

In your case you might want to reduce tension at the start, since the initial sound is too harsh. I was just trying to mimic the example you linked.

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Then the difference would be the software version, I’ll check it out, thank you so far :grin:

Okay, that didn’t really change anything. Could I please have your .svp? :innocent: Maybe some other settings are set up different.

Sure, here it is: (4.1 KB)

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I’m sorry Claire, it seems I didn’t listen closely enough to your video. Comparing my svp to yours, it does sound pretty much the same.

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