Is there any way to control Synthesizer V from outside (CLI / API) for automation?

I want to control Synthesizer V, like

  • add notes
  • export wav/mp3 file

via command line or REST API or socket etc.

I’m trying generating vocal audio with my favorite Sythesizer V singer lib from original music audio by steps below:

  1. separate vocal from original audio (outside of Synthesizer V)
  2. detect pitch of each notes (outside of Synthesizer V)
  3. detect words and length of each letters / syllables (outside of Synthesizer V)
  4. input these notes and letters to Sythesizer V somehow automatically
  5. export generated vocal file automatically

No. You can generate an SVP file since it’s just in JSON format, but rendering can only be triggered via the GUI for normal users.

It’s almost certainly possible in specific cases, such as for Dreamtonics themselves for testing purposes, or for specifically licensed customers that pay extra for that functionality (like that one song generator website that uses SynthV as a backend service).

But for a typical user with the publicly available products, no, there is no CLI.

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Which song generator website are you referring to?