Copy Tracks between projects

I’m working on a difficult project with an odd time signature that was played freely. I had completed it but decided to add another verse. So, I have the original .svp and a new one. I’d like to copy the background vocals I did on 1.svp to the 2.svp. (I originally simply tried opening the 1.svp in Cubase at a different point on the timeline and recording the new version, but SV kept causing Cubase to crash.) Any ideas on how to copy existing tracks from one .svp project to another? Thanks.

Select File → Import as Tracks and choose the SVP file you want to merge into the current project.


Thank you. Another quick question- this project I’m working on doesn’t keep the same tempo or time signature. Can you change the time signature and tempo or is it stuck with what is set at the start of the timeline?

Right click or double click on the time axis.


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