SAROS available for Pre-Order now

For those like me who have been waiting for Saros, the day has come! Starting today, pre-orders begin.

SAROS’ development is almost complete, with the finishing touches on our “special addition” to the voice database being made, they should be complete for testing by the end of the month. We’ve set their release date for mid-late November, and will have a solid date announced before pre-orders end. Thank you for your patience!

Two editions of SAROS for pre-order?

SAROS is available both as the typical digital version, as well as a physical edition offered for a limited time. Physical editions were extremely well-loved during SOLARIA’s crowdfunding campaign, so we have continued on with the practice.

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Hello, I tried to pre-order Saros for the displayed price of $79, but when I checked out via Paypal the amount was $146? Almost double, has anyone else experienced the same thing? I live in belgium

It’s probably your country’s VAT, with added cost of PayPal’s currency conversion slapped on-top.

Hi @Blue_Sky_Studio, you have to add the rate related to value-added tax, which in your case should be 21%. In total you should pay around $97

Obviously I don’t use PayPal very often :smiling_face:. This morning I tried to place the order on my mobile phone, which I normally don’t do when paying for something with PayPal. Just tried again on my PC and the final amount is indeed 97 dollars. Everything is correctly indicated there, but apparently not on my mobile phone. Thanks for your answer.

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I’m glad you got it resolved. I personally avoid making payments using mobile by going through websites. I think mobile is less secure than my PC, despite having iOS.

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