Project File Keeps Crashing after exporting as 1.9.0 compatible

I am working on a cover song and it was done using the new beta version of Synth V. But the beta does not allow me to work with the multiple tracks I am used to.

I exported it using the editors “export for 1.9.0” but when i open it with my regular editor it ALWAYS crashes.

Am i now stuck waiting on Synth V to update to work on my cove ror is there a workaround for this?

Send Dreamtonics a bug report at [email protected].

As for the beta, there’s no extra restriction on the number of tracks in the project. Did you accidentally install the beta version of SynthV Studio Basic instead of Pro?

i think thats exactly what i did. installed the beta version of synth v basic

If you upgrade to the beta version of SynthV Studio Pro you won’t have the track number restriction.

You can always downgrade back to 1.9.0 by executing the old installer.

Download links: Synthesizer V Studio 1.10.0b2 Update | Dreamtonics株式会社

thanks so much. i was able to get the pro version and no longer have track restriction