Tempo missing from the Demo version?

I’m doing an evaluation and wanted to slow down playback on a file to analyze it a bit closer - but do not see the time signature/tempo where it is supposed to be (under the words Piano Roll).

Un-Manual says " Setting Up the Score
The time axis displays time signature and tempo markers above the arrangement and piano roll."

The values highlighted by the red box on this page simply do not exist!

I tried clicking around to find a hidden disclosure drop down - but nothing. Any ideas? Is it just missing from the Demo version?

By “demo version” do you mean the Basic edition of SynthV Studio? Tempo functions work the exact same in both Basic and Pro.

It would be helpful if you posted a screenshot.

If you’re using the tech demo from 2018, you should download SynthV Studio Basic instead: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (https://larsjung.de/h5ai/)

Thanks - yes, sorry by saying demo I meant the Basic version…my mistake.

This screenshot should show the missing tempo/sig parameters -

Oh interesting, the entire time axis is missing from the Piano Roll. Haven’t seen that bug before.

The time axis is also present above the arrangement panel, so as a workaround you should be able to change the tempo there.

The issue might be fixed by updating to version 1.10.0 (released yesterday) or by toggling the OpenGL renderer near the top of the Settings panel.

Edit: it occurs to me that you are zoomed in very far. If you zoom out you should see measure markers, and if you scroll to the start you should see the tempo marker at measure 1.

To add a new tempo marker, double click or right click where the measure markers are. To change an existing tempo marker (like the one at the start of the project), double click it.


Got it. Zooming out and scrolling back to measure 1 was the key. I just seems like the active time sig and tempo should be sticky in the UI (kind of a basic transport thing) - but at least I found them now! :slight_smile: